Disclosiing your hegemonic complicity with societally mandated attraction patterns is a no-no. Here’s why.

When you say you aren’t attracted to:

  • (other) people of color, or specific peoples (Blacks, Asians, Natives, Latinos/Latinas, Arabs, and other racialzed peoples)
  • Fat/large people
  • Disabled people
  • Gender non conforming people
  • Trans* people

and when you mention your non-attraction to any of the above people as in, “I’m not attracted to X people” or “I’m not attracted to someone because they are X,” please remember the following:

Society’s script for attraction is to majority people – white, thin, body normative, gender conforming, abled heterocis people.

Your attractions to privileged people are infliuenced by your culture and your environment. Even if you think they cannot change, please remembber that saying you are not attractted to marginalized people (solely due to them being POC, disabled, fat, gender conforming, trans*) perpetuates oppression of them and makes them unable to access desire and attraction in society equally to you.

This is, obviously, fundamentally unfair.


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